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Backend Developer.
Krusader, Aarhus.


  • Big teamplayer
  • Board game lover
  • Self-proclaimed nerd

Christian is a backend developer and part of the Kruso team in Aarhus working on our Ministry of Foreign Affairs account. When not building digital platforms, he is spending his time, and all of his money on board games! Not only is Christian really passionated about playing board games, but when he hosts, he gives his guests the ultimate game experience with customized playlists and his own hand-painted miniatures.

The most important thing for me is the people I work with

Success to me is happiness and synergy. The best place to work is a place where you have people around you that you like. Where you can support one another. I believe that if you are happy and at peace at your workplace, you are more efficient with what you do too. That is a huge part of the reason why I like being at Kruso. The people here are amazing.