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Head of E-commerce and Data.
Krusader, Aarhus.


  • E-commerce wizard
  • Challenger of the Status Quo
  • Karate Black Belter

Chris is a true creative thinker and uses this strength to challenge the status quo. As Head of E-commerce and Data, he is responsible for turning commercial strategies into technical solutions that create value for our clients. And when Chris isn't spending his time at work, you will most likely catch him out on his motorcycle cruising the country roads of Northern Jutland.

Surround yourself with brilliant people

It is such an exciting time for digital, and I love to help companies find innovative ways of doing things to scale their business and provide a better customer experience. I believe that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. That's why teams here at Kruso are so important. We can achieve much more together than individually.